Transwestern Bamboo

This 51-story historical Chicago skyscraper needed to continue their 30-year tradition of growing bamboo in their lobby. When it came time to replace what they initially thought was an irrigation issue, they soon discovered the bamboo was actually suffering from light deficiency. The difficulty faced was utilizing the existing lighting areas while being able to provide supplemental lighting to the bamboo below. Cielux’s solution was the use of multiple W2K units paired with a narrow reflector, capable of meeting the bamboo’s high demand of light even at distances of 25’ or more. To keep with the biophilic goal of this lobby, Cielux kept the W2Ks unobtrusive by placing them in the recessed 42’ high ceilings. The bamboo can be seen growing beautifully inside the lobby and through the windows, creating a harmonious and healthier environment that connects people with the natural world and promote well-being.

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