Prolific Machines Living Wall

For the biodiverse living wall installation at Prolific Machines in Emeryville, California, lighting played a critical role in enabling the growth of a wide variety of plant species. Habitat Horticulture, the design firm behind the project, knew that finding the right light source was essential. "When we start designing a project, light is usually the limiting factor," explained David Brener, founder and principal of Habitat Horticulture. "We needed lights with the ideal spectrum to bring out the colors and keep plants compact."

Cielux's tunable LED track lights proved to be the perfect solution, allowing Habitat Horticulture to meet the varied lighting requirements of multiple plant varieties in one integrated system. "The lights let us grow plants with different light needs in the same space," noted Phil Greenberg, a system designer at the firm. "The growth has been spectacular - we have to restrain it." The lights' overhead mounting capability enabled deep penetration without shading issues, unlocking unprecedented plant diversity.