University Lecture Hall

In a public university classroom in the Bay Area, the existing lighting setup was failing to meet the diverse needs of hybrid learning. Jesse, the technician responsible for the space, knew they needed an overhaul to properly illuminate instructors, discussion groups, whiteboards, and projection surfaces - all while accommodating live streaming, video capture, traditional lectures, and remote students. Ceiling height restrictions and energy efficiency were also challenges to overcome.

The solution came in the form of Cielux's compact, powerful LED lighting system. After installing just seven fixtures, the classroom underwent a transformation. The podium area became evenly lit from multiple angles to eliminate shadows and glare. Careful aiming with the adjustable barn doors prevented spill onto projection surfaces. Remarkably, just two Cielux lights provided even coverage of the large centerboard used for both projection and writing. Jesse could effortlessly define tailored lighting zones for any scenario by adjusting the barn doors - projection-optimized with the center dimmed, all three whiteboards evenly illuminated, or any configuration in between. The energy-efficient system allowed adjustments on the fly with no hotspots or dramatic variations. As classes resumed, the lighting integrity for hybrid lectures, video-streamed lessons, and in-person discussions was a night-and-day improvement over the previous setup. The space now epitomized learning flexibility. "This opens up amazing possibilities across all curriculums," Jesse stated. "I'm excited to see how professors incorporate it."

Cielux P3X
Application: Multi-use classroom
Space Dimensions: 30'W × 30'L × 10'H
Fixture: (7) P3X
Total Power Draw: 630W
Track Design: Grid (Existed)
Track Length: 30'

Lighting Design Details

This 30'x30'x10' multi-use classroom was upgraded to a flexible Cielux P3X LED lighting system mounted to the existing overhead grid track. Using only 7 fixtures, it is compact, adjustable P3X fixtures provide optimal, energy-efficient illumination at 630W for lectures, discussions, presentations, and video capture. The adjustable barn doors and color controls allow the tailoring of perfect, evenly exposed lighting zones for instructors, whiteboards and student areas. The system maximizes the space while providing powerful, consistent output and color rendering for any scenario, futureproofing the room for evolving teaching needs.
Cielux LED for University Lecture Hall

Cielux LED for University Lecture Hall
Cielux Track Lighting UC Berkeley Cory Hall Classroom heat map

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