Osher Rainforest Biodome

Step Into The Rainforest

Experience the many wonders of the rainforest through this 4-story exhibit at Cal Academy. With over 1,600 different species of plants and animals, this 90-foot-diameter glass dome is the largest in the world.

Housing a variety of different species, the lighting transition from 1000W metal halides to LED needed careful selection and planning. Considerations were needed for the proper spectrums of the plants as well as the safety of the butterflies and birds. With its varying mounting heights and locations, the Cielux W2K was the proper solution with its interchangeable reflectors. The Cielux W2K’s compact size also fulfilled the lighting design concept of mimicking the natural light patterns and cycles experienced in nature, in an indoor setting. This exhibit continues to be a guest favorite for its ability to transport you into the rainforest.