Dense Matrix LED™

Dense Matrix LED™ technology results in a compact and super–bright point–like illumination source that features high CRI, adjustable color temperature, and can produce a number of unique lighting effects. It does so by using patented heat dissipation technology to pack numerous LEDs on a single array. Because of this compact placement, Dense Matrix LED™ are no bigger than the size of a dime and are also more dynamically adjustable and produce superior optics.

Compact Size

The compact placement of LEDs results in a powerful array that is no bigger than the size of a dime and is easily adaptable to a variety of applications.

Quality Light

Integrating patented high-brightness LEDs into our unique chip-mixing pattern, Dense Matrix LED produces brilliant light with superior CRI and smoothly-mixed spectrums.

Superior Thermal Platform

Advanced heat dissipation technology allows for longer life times, better performance and higher efficiency.

High Density

Densely packed LEDs create an ideal point source light that can be transfigured into different shapes and forms with the use of simple optics.

Powerfully Intense Light

By grouping a number of high power LED chips together, Dense Matrix LED emits penetratingly intense light.

Multi-Channel Control

Designed with multiple independently controlled channels, Dense Matrix LED can be tuned to produce a variety of colors and spectrums.