Tunable Color Temperature

Fixtures range from 2,000K (candlelight) to 10,000K (natural blue light). This range includes commonly used CCT like 3,200K (tungsten) and 5,600K (daylight).

Tunable Green-Magenta Hue

Enhances natural skin tones, so everyone looks their best.

Cielux - 85W Power Draw

90W Power Draw

Matches the output of a 300W traditional bulb while drawing 90W of power.
Cielux - Compact and Elegant

Compact and Elegant

Only uses 8” of vertical space, and weighs 3lbs. Built-in DMX control channel and no visible cabling.


Cielux Track Lighting for Social Media // Podcast Studio

Social Media // Podcast Studio

Cielux Track Lighting transforms a room into a functional & professional studio for filming or podcasting.

Cielux Track Lighting for Multi-Purpose Space // Stage

Multi-Purpose Space // Stage

Cielux Track Lighting transforms a room into a functional & multi-purpose presentation space or stage.

Cielux Track Lighting for Kitchen Studio

Kitchen Studio

Cielux Track Lighting turns your kitchen into a beautiful & bright production space

Cielux Track Lighting for Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio

Cielux Track Lighting evenly lights a green screen background for easy set-up & post-production.